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For over sixty years the club has been at the forefront of archery in Yorkshire holding the Scorton Arrow several times and now hosting the St.George Longbow Tournament
for the Royal Armouries Arrow.

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BoA is an associated club of the Yorkshire Archery Association

Latest News & Notices :

Bowmen of Adel Open Westerns Competition (Sunday 2nd September)

On Sunday 2nd September Bowmen of Adel hosted their annual Open Westerns Tournament.

Full results can be found HERE

(Apologies for the late publication)


The Strawberry Shoot

On Sunday, we celebrated the start of July with the annual Strawberry Shoot, a series of challenges designed to test even the best archers, using only club beginners’ bows and arrows. There were six “challenges”:-
 What’s the point – normal stance, normal target, shooting wrong handed (And boy did most people find this hard!)
Pierce the pig – shooting the 3d peccary “Mr Grunt”, from a kneeling position.
Target the forfeits – normal target, but with random forfeits scattered over it. (Rod’s attempt at telling a joke was easily surpassed as a highlight by Marie trying to whistle while shooting watched by everyone)
Strike the snake – an old favourite, shooting at an offcut from the outside of a boss while standing on the equipment trolley.
Olympic rings – It’s 2012 – of course we had to have them. Penalties for hitting the rings, scores only for hitting the strawberries inside them
Cast your clout – hitting a target lying on the ground 25 yards away is trickier than it sounds.
We will not mention Maria’s notorious shot at the “clout” – suffice to say the horses survived. Most impressive was the form and ability of this year’s new members.
Twenty members took part, as follows:-

Alex Hermanski
Keira Carr
Maria Seijo-Richart
Marie Ross
Jonathan Sedgwick
David Ross
Phyl Abbott
Carol Wood
Heather Seddon
Andy Carr
Cedric Abbott
Steffi Hermanski
Nick Beeson
Rod Wood
Greg Sturrock
Isabella Carbonell
Leandro Carbonell
Neil Pickup
Paul Winfield
Mark Lammiman

See pics below


On Monday evening, we hosted a session for the local troop of (15) boy scouts. Most had tried archery before, but it was still quite impressive how well they took the instructions and improved over the evening.  The targets had been set out at 20 yards, and the competition which ended the evening was won with a creditable score of 59 from nine arrows. Well done Henry! Thanks to Cedric, Darren, Mark, Nick and Paul for helping.

The Nock

On Bank Holiday Monday, 15 archers assembled to shoot for The Nock, the club handicap shoot. The weather was changeable, with a breeze, a few flecks of rain, and a non-warming sun. Various rounds were shot, because of a variety of injuries carried, egos nursed and social commitments, but, via the magic of handicap calculations, the following results were recorded:

Archer Round Bowstyle   H'cap Score Hits Golds

adjusted score

SILVER Cedric Abbott  New Western Longbow 2nd Class 68 53 14 1 1456
BRONZE Guy Sansby  Warwick Recurve 2nd Class 50 304 18 7 1447
4 Phyl Abbott National Recurve 3rd Class 58 332 66 11 1436
5 Darren Clarkson New Western Compound 1st Class 28 709 96 42 1419
6 Ronnie Henderson  Western Compound 2nd Class 37 754 88 50 1390
7 Paul Winfield New Western Compound 2nd Class 34 631 95 25 1382
8 Carol Wood Western Recurve 3rd Class 61 385 85 7 1380
9 Greg Sturrock  Western Recurve 3rd Class 52 569 96 17 1370
10 Mark Lammiman Western Recurve 2nd Class 48 635 96 22 1355
11 Steffi Hermanski  National Recurve 2nd Class 57 341 61 9 1345
12 Roderick Wood Western Recurve 3rd Class 55 510 90 14 1340
13 Nick Beeson Warwick Recurve 3rd Class 58 223 39 5 1337
14 David Aikin  New Western Recurve 3rd Class 57 185 54 3 1312
15 Damian Clancy Western Recurve


60 416 86 7 1312

Congratulations to Guy, Cedric, and, especially, Alex for beating par.
A very sociable lunch was taken at change of distances, with chilli and rice, supplemented by various delights, both sweet and savoury.
We were visited in the afternoon by Geoff & Ann Gaunt and Ken Waite, previous members from a bygone age.
As the event was drawing to a close, Steve Clemmens arrived, and shot some arrows!

See pics below


St George Longbow Tournament report now posted The St George Longbow Tournament on Sunday 22nd April.

For full details see HERE

2012 Club Indoor Championship

The club Indoor Championships have taken place over the last three sessions. All archers shot Portsmouths, with Compounders using the three-spot faces.



Ladies Recurve
1.       Carol Wood         
2.       Phyl Abbott
3.       Maria Seijo-Richart
4.       June Scott


Gents Longbow
1.       David Hood
2.       Bruce Knights                   
3.       Rod Wood                          

Ladies handicap
1.       Maria Seijo-Richart
2.       Carol Wood
3.       Phyl Abbott
Gents Compound
1.       Paul Winfield                    
2.       Darren Clarkson               
3.       Ronnie Henderson         

Gents recurve
1.       Greg Sturrock
2.       David Aikin                         
3.       Ronnie Henderson         
4.       Damian Clancy                  
5.       Mark Lammiman             
6.       Jonathan Sedgwick        
7.       Cedric Abbott                   

Gents Handicap
1.       Greg Sturrock
2.       Ronnie Henderson (Compound)
3.       Ronnie Henderson (Recurve)










Congratulations to our new champions, and thanks to all who took part.
Tea and cake accompanied the presentations!






A classification is a nationally recognized award that shows an archer has achieved a set standard. They range from 3rd class to Bowman (which the club can award) to Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman (which is awarded by the GNAS directly). The club level awards can be shot either on a club night or in a competition and handed to the records officer (Nick Beeson). The GNAS awards must be shot at a record status tournament and sent to the GNAS. To achieve the award you must shoot the required level three times in a season. more...


The history of the Bowmen of Adel has now been published as a pdf document and is downloadable here.


Club members can shoot on Sunday mornings every weekend but we only have organised rounds in the afternoon.

If you are thinking of coming to the club to shoot in the morning and want to know if anyone else is coming down, post a message on the club's message board:

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Please remember that if you cannot find an arrow you MUST complete a lost arrow form and hand it to one of the bar staff so that the groundsman is aware of the area in which it may be lying. In previous seasons a buried arrow has been found by a footballer skid tackling - so this is a safety MUST DO, not an option.


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