Opportunities to become involved at the Pavilion:

BedZED Pavilion is a community centre for the whole of Hackbridge.  We want to keep the centre as a community space which is run by and for the community.

• Do you have ideas for the field? Are you up for some community leadership in making ideas a reality - perhaps even getting sponsorship and TV involvement?

•Can you fund-raise? We always need financial support for community activities, and we desperately need a kitchen.

•Would you like to run an activity - whether for a one-off session or a few weeks? (You need to be CRB checked for work with children and other vulnerable groups.)

•Do you just have ideas you'd like us to consider?

Contact us at bedzedpavilion@yahoo.co.uk or call 020 8544 5113

Remember - it's your community centre, so have your say!

We hope to see you soon!

Roy Bennett, Company Secretary and Acting Chair

What is the New Possibility Committee?

The New Possibility Committee (management of the Pavilion) is a charitable company limited by guarantee, Company Number 5986323, with a Board of Trustees who are also the management committee. The committee is elected every September at our Annual General Meeting, to which all are invited. (see below for more information about being a member).

The NPC is mandated to provide services with a sound ecological ethos to the local community in Hackbridge (and elsewhere in England and Wales). In keeping with the inspirational ethos of the BedZED development, it aims to:

Encourage responsible attitudes towards our community and planet

Awaken and develop ecological awareness

Facilitate sustainability through reuse-recycling-reclaiming and enterprise


Why have a Board of Trustees?

•To meet needs of members, users, or clients or the community that it serves

•To ensure accountability: members, users, community it serves and its funders

•To draw on people’s experience or expertise in making decisions

•Donors, funders want to know financial and other decisions are made properly

•Trusts, industrial & provident societies, companies, charities are required to have a governing body.


Main responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

•Maintain a long-term overview of the organisation and all its work;

•Make strategic and major decisions about the organisation’s objectives, policies and procedures;

•Ensure needs / interests of relevant people / bodies are taken into account when making decisions;

•Ensure adequate resources, especially people and money, to carry out activities;

•Ensure appropriate action is taken when work is not being done, or is not being done properly;

     •Take legal responsibility for the organisation and all its actions (or inactions).  


If you would like to be a trustee:

If you would like to become a trustee and have a say in the running of the BedZED Pavilion, then please get in touch. We usually meet once a month, and the wider the diversity of skills, the more effective we can be!  




The New Possibility Committee is a company limited by guarantee applying for charitable status.

Registered Office:24 Sandmartin Way, Hackbridge, Wallington, Surrey SM6 7DF

Company Number 5986323

Tel. 020 8544 5113; email bedzedpavilion@yahoo.co.uk; www.bedzedpavilion.org.uk