Dr Adrian R Lloyd-Thomas  Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist

Disclosures and Information

Anaesthesia fees

This website and the practice leaflet sets out some important information that we are required by law to provide to you. This is for information only and is not an invoice. As this includes information about our charges, if you do not have private medical insurance but someone else will be paying your bill, you may wish to pass a copy of this leaflet to them or direct them to this website.  Please note that even if someone else is paying your bill or you have private medical insurance, you are responsible for paying any charges which they do not pay. If you have private medical insurance, please contact your insurer before your operation, to check the terms of your policy, particularly the level and type of cover you enjoy.


Financial interests

I am legally obliged to tell you if I have any financial interests in the Portland Hospital or any equipment there. I can confirm that I do not have any such financial interests.


Quality information

You can compare independent information about the quality of private treatment offered at the hospital and other private healthcare providers from the Private Healthcare Information Networks (PHIN) website: www.phin.org.uk.