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Hunza lights/Outdoor Lights Hunza lights Hunza lights/Outdoor Lights
Hunza lights/Outdoor Lights Hunza lights Hunza lights/Outdoor Lights

Hunza Lights - High Quality Outdoor Lighting

hunza logoHunza luminaires are the result of careful thought and creativity coupled with the demands of our customers, lighting designers, the environment and a desire to create a timeless and contemporary design from quality materials. The luminaires are designed on a state -of-the-art three-dimensional software package that completes the total precision design concept.


cad drawingAt HUNZA they pursue a philosophy of continual improvement in design, material, quality and construction processes. They only import the finest in copper and 316 stainless steel alloys for use in their luminaires, whereas the aluminium alloys are smeltered in New Zealand and are of world class quality.

Engineering rather than mass production distinguishes HUNZA products. There is no "punching or thumping" in the manufacture of their luminaires, only engineering. To achieve constant accuracy and tolerance criteria on all components used in our luminaires the latest CNC (computer numeric control) lathe and machining centre technology is employed.

This is particularly evident in the case of 316 stainless steel machining where continual attention to the surface finish is imperative to achieve our standards of excellence.

copper pipesEach luminaire is handmade in Hunza's factory in New Zealand - they are not mass produced on an assembly line, and our people are more than just assemblers doing exactly the same job day in, day out. Our team takes great personal pride in each luminaire - they put the human touch into each one as it is made.

engineerHunzas system of manufacture is based on each person being responsible for an entire order of luminaries of various types. Hunza encourage a philosophy of pride and responsibility for quality and emphasise attention to detail and overall excellence.

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