Significant Benefits

iWMS™ (The Integrated Waste Management System) delivers the ability to realise significant improvements in operational efficiency, and an increase in the speed and accuracy of reporting and, hence, the ability to plan and manage operations more accurately and effectively.


Instant Cost Savings

iWMS™ has, uniquely, delivered ‘best practice’ methodologies to the Waste Industry. Specific examples are the incorporation of an inexpensive, ruggedised, signature capture system for use at weighbridges. This does away with expensive, pre-printed, manually process-intensive four or five-part forms. The only paper generated for the transaction as a standard is a receipt slip that includes all relevant data including signatures of both weighbridge operator and driver. This receipt takes about three to four seconds to print via a Point of Sale (POS) printer such as used in the retail sector.

Total Service

WMCG provide total system solutions to the Waste and Recycling in Industries in the UK, mainland Europe and North America. Our systems are delivered with training, implementation support and post-implementation user-support.

Customer Experience

In the United Kingdom, iWMS™ has an installed UK base from the South Coast to Scotland. Systems are in 24 hour use, 7 days a week at landfill sites and incinerators, trade waste and skip management sites, composting sites, recycling centres, vehicle management sites, depots serving the medical community (clinical waste), local authority transport centres and public weighbridges. The data collected by the system is available in real-time across Customers’ networks, and can be provided to business communities via the Internet using secure web sites. iWMSÔ has taken the very best of proven technologies available, and brought them together in a durable, easy-to-use system that delivers at every level and in Department where it is deployed. Aaron Mowla, Managing Director of WMCG, is a proud winner of the IT Achievement of the Year Award; Project Management Excellence Award; and has been profiled by the BBC, the Waste Industry Press and Business media.