WMCG are the premier system providers for the Waste Industry in the UK, Europe and North America. The flagship project - iWMS - represents the most advanced technical solution for the administration and management of Waste Industries and the other major stakeholders in the sector. iWMS manages entire Client Operations from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to Vehicle Scheduling and Fieldworker applications for Tablet-PCs and PDAs.

WMCG's leading Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Technology (stand-alone or fully-integrated with our iWMS software) is helping own-fleet operators, 3rd party logistics companies and transport operators to manage their fleets effectively, enhancing customer service and encouraging business growth.

The vast amount of data entered and created as part of any system needs structured and consistent handling and manipulation to derive the maximum benefits. WMCG Systems have been enhanced and expanded to include the Data Management Suite, providing a modular approach to delivering direct and derived data to key staff. These systems interface to, and integrate with, WMCG back-office systems and/or Companies' own systems.

The newest member of the WMCG Group of Companies - IDSL Global - the leading source of technology hardware and software, delivering fingerprint, signature and data capture and recognition, with complete, free, developers tools and examples. Effective, easy electronic signature integration.

12 Years at the Front!

For 12 years WMCG has been designing, building and supporting custom-made IT solutions for UK, European and US industry. WMCG has been delivering to industries ranging from Pharmaceutical to Aerospace Manaufacturing, and from UK Utility Companies to US Marketing giants.

For the last eight years, a great emphasis has been placed on the UK Waste Industry, with WMCG's flagship product iWMS beating all competition to some highly important contracts.

Visit our newest Company in the Group - IDSL Global supplying Fingerprint, Electronic Signature and Identification technology (hardware and software) to developers and end-users.