W M C G   C O R P O R A T E   O V E R V I E W

WMCG is an established Technical and Management Consultancy of distinction and integrity, delivering knowledge, skills and professional judgement, helping you and your organisation to achieve greater success.

WMCG is the foremost design and build company for IT Systems in the UK.

WMCG is an award winning provider of training programmes to industry.

WMCG delivers Programme and Project Management services to individuals and industry

Personal Commitment

WMCG delivers a personal commitment to all its clients. It is a partnership developing your organisation, delivering greater success without creating a dependency culture.

Professional Abilities

We believe that our skills and knowledge, our personal commitment, our flexibility and innovation, and our desire and pleasure in being associated with our Clients' continued and increasing successes makes us a natural choice for excellence in both Technical Innovation, Development and Management Consultancy.

Commercial Integrity

WMCG works across the United Kingdom and Northern Europe. Clients range from the Pharmaceutical Industry to Power generators and from the Aerospace Industry to Advertising.

Proven Reputation

WMCG is used to translating vision into reality, disorder into order, plans into structure. The blend of dynamic, personable completion of all assignments has assured the Group an established and enviable reputation across our Clients' Industries.