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Young Greens in Kirklees


The Young Greens harness the energy and ideas of tommorow's Green MPs, Councillors and activists who will ensure our society and planets future. Green Party members aged under 27, and student members of any age, are eligible to be members of Young Greens. Local Young Greens groups may also have associate members, who need not be paid up members of the Green Party as long as they are not members of another party.

The Young Green vision is fair, democratic and sustainable, where individual freedoms and contributions are protected in a workable relationship with leadership and social order. The Green Party has never waivered on:

Joining the Young Greens is the chance of a lifetime to change the outcome of Local Elections, the Young Greens both Nationally and Locally are always supported to stand a high number of Candidates in Local elections. This year a record number will represent the Green Party. Charlie_Woodworth_Hackney_Young _Greens

The Young Greens also participate in National Young Green events and twice-yearly Green Party conferences, where they will book shared accommodation and support you to have a great time making a great future for all.

Kirklees Young Greens are developing rapidly and as more members join we are able to offer greater opportunities nation wide. Kirklees Young Greens meet regularly with local Green Party Members and provide the older generation with invaluable vision for the future. For further information about activities in Kirklees and more information about Kirklees Young Greens, contact: Andrew Iredale


To join the Green Party use the online link here.


Want to engage in chat and info with like minded people, give your Green Party membership number to Joe Blakesley.


Join the Green Party team Kirklees

If you are a younger party member it would be great to see you at local meetings and social events, we need to here you to represent you, so come on give it a try. There is always plenty to do in the team as we believe that with you we can make this community ever stronger, more inclusive and better represented. Through energetic activities like community clean ups to leaflet delivery, or simply displaying posters at election time you can help get the Green message to thousands of people.


If you can offer assistance or would like a poster board for your garden please call (01484) 533451 or Email Andrew Cooper