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News in Newsome

Newsome Mill

In 2006 Newsome Mill was sold to a developer called Royalle Estates.  Planning permission was granted to convert the mill and a section of weaving sheds into apartments, and to build new houses and flats behind the mill.  However, in Autumn 2007 the developers changed their minds due to the falling demand for luxury apartments.  They told the Newsome Ward Community Forum that they wished to demolish the mill.  In November 2007, Newsome Ward Community Forum members began a campaign to protect this local landmark, and were supported in the campaign by the 3 local Green Party Councillors.  The mill is an important part of Newsome’s heritage.


Newsome Mills was founded by John Taylor in 1827.  It is most familiarly associated with the fine worsted firm of Taylor and Littlewood, who build the impressive four-story mill and clock tower that have been a prominent Huddersfield landmark since the 1880s.

The clock tower and the gateway to the mill were given ‘listed building’ status in 1978.  This means that they are protected by law.  The local residents, members of the Newsome Ward Community Forum and local Green Party Councillors petitioned to ensure that the remainder of the mill was included in the listing. 


In January 2008 English Heritage extended the Grade II listing for Newsome Mills.  The listing now covers the four-storey mill and clock tower, the weaving sheds on Hart street, the stone archway, the gates and the gate lodge, and the office building.  This means that the owners, Royalle Estates, cannot go ahead with their plan to demolish the mill.

Asset Stripping and Fly-Tipping

During this time and over the following few months, the mill has been victim to abuse by young people, asset stripping gangs and fly tipping.  Councillors and local residents have met with the owners and several agencies to look at improved security for the mill and the adjacent land, and try to establish a positive way forward.  The owners have attempted to secure the site but unfortunately determined individuals still find ways in on occasion.  Therefore great vigilance is needed, and support from local residents is extremely important. 

Monitoring and Reporting

If anyone sees anything suspicious, please report it to the police.  The non-emergency number is 0845 6060606, anonymous reporting can be made via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.  Alternatively, contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team on 01484 436779/7 and ask for PC Morgan or Sgt McFadzean.


One of the major incidents on site was the theft of the war memorial in February 2008.  The bronze war memorial plaque had been proudly displayed inside the main gates to Newsome Mills since 1921, in deference to seven local mill workers who lost their lives in the First World War.  It appears the memorial was stolen for scrap metal value.  However, following an appeal by members of the Newsome Ward Community Forum, the plaque was returned. 

Sadly the bronze plaque was damaged when it was forced away from the wall.  Therefore members of the Newsome Ward Community Forum are trying to raise funds to get the memorial restored, so that it can be returned to its rightful place when development work is completed.

Mill stories

One of local residents, a member of the Newsome Ward Community Forum, is collating information about the mill,and would be happy for anyone to contact her to share their memories of the mill. If you have any stories about the mill, whether you worked there or a member of your family did, any special occasions associated with the mill, etc, contact Diane Sims on 07941 652836, or email or write to Diane at 34 Towngate, Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6JS


Newsome Mill 1
Newsome Mill
Newsome Mill 2
Newsome Mill
Newsome Mill Memorial

The bronze war memorial plaque

Newsome Ward Elections 2008

Leader of the Kirklees Green Party group on the council, Andrew Cooper, was re-elected to Kirklees Council on 1st May 2008. His majority in Newsome Ward was well over one thousand - see Elections Page.

Newsome Ward Community Forum

Chair – Julie Stewart-Turner -
Vice-Chair – Jon Blacktop -
Treasurer – Julie Stott -
Secretary – Ruth Elliott –

Correspondence to: Ruth Elliott, 122 Hall Bower Lane, Huddersfield, HD4 6RN

Newsome Ward Elections 2007



In the May 2007 Kirklees Elections Julie Stewart-Turner was elected for a third time as Green Party Councillor for Newsome, returning with a healthy 1000+ majority over Labour.
Julie first stood for the Green Party in 2002 when she took
over from Nick Harvey and was re-elected in 2004.
Julie is a full-time Councillor and an active worker in the local community. She has taken up literally thousands of local issues since first being elected nearly 5 years ago.

The Green Party has now won every election in the Newsome ward since 1996.

Email Julie Stewart-Turner

How you voted in Newsome 2007

How you voted in Newsome 2006


Click here to see Councillor profiles.


Sharon and Graham

Changes to Local Councillors 2006 - Goodbye Sharon Welcome Back Graham

In March 2006 Cllr. Sharon Fallows retired as Green Party Councillor for Newsome, during her time she helped improve recycling facilities across Kirklees Waste sites including those for batteries and bicycles. In addition to representing the Green Party on Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing Board, Sharon championed the removal of overhead power lines from Castle Hill to resiting underground, facilitating safe kite flying to resume.

Replacing Sharon as the nominated representative for Newsome, former Green Councillor Graham Simpson was returned to Newsome in the May 2006 local elections. Graham was an instrumental Newsome Party Councillor between 1998 and 2004 and his return was welcomed by Party Membership and Local residents alike. In his first year back his has already pursued hundreds of issues raised by the Newsome residents.

He was instrumental in securing traffic calming for Newsome Road and Newsome Road South and helped obtain over £700,000 extra funding to be spent in our area through Neighbourhood Renewal.

Graham, with the rest of the Green Party team, will ensure that our local greenspaces are preserved and that derelict land at Hart Street in the centre of Newsome village is brought back into use.

Graham Simpson lives in Taylor Hill with his wife and son and works for an independent organisation promoting the rights of tenants in social housing.

Graham's contact details are:

4 Pond Close
Taylor Hill

Mobile: 07976 555830
Land Line: 01484 308789


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Julie Stewart Turner

Tons of rubbish removed in local clean ups

Green Party Councillors and Members once again assisted Community groups including 'Newsome Action' and the Sea Cadets in a number of clean ups during 2006 including Mount Pleasant and Armitage Bridge.

This followed 2005's successful clean ups, when the community were awarded £12,925.00 from the Living Spaces fund to pay for a clean up at the woodland glade at the top of Fanny Moor Estate where 40 tonnes of rubbish was removed.


Andrew Graham and Ruth

Kirklees Greens believe everyone has the right to a clean and healthy environment and are keen to pursue the prosecution of flytippers on your behalf. Please let us know if you see anyone flytipping in the Newsome Ward.



Manor Street Porches: Following a long tenant and Green Councillor led campaign porches have now been installed on the front doors of properties on Manor Street. Prior to this doors opened directly into front rooms making homes difficult and expensive to keep warm. The new porches form a draught lobby and useful additional space for the home owners.


Land at Taylor Hill Road: Gardens and garages to the rear of Taylor Hill Road were saved from housing development following the determined campaign of local people supported by Green Party Councillors. This Kirklees owned land rented out as gardens and garages for many years could have been approved for development to the scandalous detriment of the community.


Lockwood Path Sign

You know where your going with the Greens

Public footpath signs must be put up by law, but for years Kirklees wasted thousands of pounds of tax-payers' money erecting signs that didn't say where the paths went to or the distance. Imagine the outcry if road signs where put up saying 'Road' with a direction arrow but not saying where the road led or the distance. Green Councillors insisted that the new public footpaths signs show where the paths go to and how far it is to get there.


Join the Green Party team in making Newsome a better place to live.


The Newsome Ward gets ever stronger, more inclusive and better represented thanks to your support for the Green party team here, we hope that you will join us in our ambition to make things greater still. Through energetic activities like community clean ups to leaflet delivery, or simply displaying posters at election time you can help get the Green message to thousands of people.


If you can offer assistance or would like a poster board for your garden please call:

(01484) 533451

or click here to Email Andrew Cooper

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