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News in Golcar and Colne Valley

4th Colne Valley Green Fair "a success"

Several hundred people enjoyed the 2008 Colne Valley Green Fair and organiser Lesley Hedges described it as "a success", and indicated it was to become a permanent feature of the summer diary. It was opened by the Kirklees Mayor, Cllr Karam Hussain at Slaithwaite Community Centre, on Saturday 31 May 2008.

The Green Fair, which has now been operating for four years, included a range of actvities and entertainment with nearly 30 stalls - ranging from the Green Building Company to Root Organics box scheme. In addition there was an organic cafe, a number of childen's activities, a morning workshop on Food Strategy and talks on alternative therapy and "building stronger communities".

Planning for next year's Fair which is due to be held in Marsden starts now.

Colne Valley Ward

Lesley Hedges Colne Valley Candidate 2008


I am committed to the Green Party as I believe it has the best policies to improve the lives of people in my local area.  I would like to improve health services, education and the appearance and cleanliness of the ward.  We must fight to keep the NHS in public hands and for good quality local facilities.  I care about the environment and I think climate change is a huge threat that we must take action about now to protect ourselves and other people.  This includes people in poorer nations, but we are kidding ourselves if we think that we won’t suffer here too.  Extreme weather conditions have affected many parts of the world already and we really can’t delay doing something about it.  There is still time, if we conserve energy and promote renewables.  This could also stimulate the local economy where some firms are already creating jobs in manufacturing parts for renewable energy sources. 

I have spent most of my working life in the Health Service as a public health specialist, trying to keep people healthy.  I have also worked for a local authority and in the voluntary sector.  This gives me the knowledge and skills I would need to represent you.  I would like a position on the council so that I can push forward these policies.  I have been helping some people and campaigns in the ward but I could do so much more if I was a councillor.  I am very hard-working and would like to work for you if you live in Golcar.

I believe that the principles of the Green Party are what we need for the future. They are based on environmental and social justice.

Your views matter to me and I listen to what you say. People in many parts of the ward feel that they are being missed out. I would make sure that services reach all of you.

I have many years experience in the public sectors, working in health and for voluntary organisations.

The other parties are beginning to see that green issues matter but are tinkering with superficial changes to get your vote. If enough people vote Green this year you will see what a real Green Party councillor can do for you.


If you can offer assistance or would like a poster board for your garden please call (01484) 652932 or Email Lesley Hedges


Golcar Ward

Dan Greenwood Golcar Candidate 2008

Dan Greenwood

Dan Greenwood is a long-standing member of the Green Party who lives in Golcar, works in education and writes and sings folk songs.


2007 Election result in Golcar