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Greenhead By-Election.

Due to the untimely death of much respected Kirklees Councillor Annie Smith the Greenhead Ward requires a By-Election. On July 27th 2006 your vote can make a real difference to the future of Greenhead.

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Greenhead By-Election Voting: When, where and how to make sure you can vote

Paul Cooney Your Green Party Candidate

Paul's Blog, all about the campaign and your chance to see his replies to issues you raise on the doorstep or via email. Paul's blog will help you get to know him better and ensure you can send him the issues you feel are most important in the Greenhead Ward.

Paul Cooney Your Green Party Candidate for July 2006

Kirklees Green Party is proud to announce the selection of its candidate Paul Cooney for the Greenhead By-Election.

Hi I'm Paul Cooney,

I've written the profile below to give you a chance to get to know a little bit more about where I came from and what I think about politics in Greenhead.

I've lived in Greenhead for 15 years, Greenhead and its community are an area and people I care deeply about and hope I've supported fully over the last few years. I'm already well known here but for those who I've not yet met I hope to meet you soon.

I'm a 51-year-old widower and currently a full-time NHS student at the University of Huddersfield training to be an operating theatre practitioner.

What I'd really love is for you to contact me and let me know what we can do to help improve the area for you.

or ring (01484) 364036

Paul's Profile

Working for the community
Treasurer of the Marsh Community Forum.
UNISON Steward at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust.
Served for 7 years on committee of Kirklees CHAS housing advice service.Elected member of Amnesty International UK Section conference committee, and is a speaker for Amnesty International.
Ex-Chair of Paddock Labour Party

Issues for Greenhead
In conjunction with my work on the Marsh Community Forum, my main focal point is the establishment of a real community facility for Marsh, the only area in Kirklees without a community resource since the sale of the St. James Road Centre. Its future is in doubt, but the covenant which is still placed upon it, restricts its use to educational and religious purposes. Its current owners have campaigned to have the covenant lifted and we must ensure this does not happen.

Reclaim the Streets20's plenty, reclaim the streets by backing the restriction of speed to 20mph in side streets and, near schools and care homes. This will reduce accidents and injuries by approximately 40% and help make the streets safer for all, which in turn will encourage more use of local shops and businesses.

Paul talks to Angharod at Natural choice MarshSustainable communities - Fight to keep local shops and post offices, and act against edge of town superstores reliant on car use. I support the Sustainable Communities Bill, and will try to get our Council to add its support to this.

Better recycling facilities, nearer to you and easier to access.

Britain needs a new intelligent, radical and compassionate vision for politics. The Green Party is the Real Choice for Change at a time when the three main parties are increasingly indistinguishable. People are disillusioned with traditional politicians, inter-party bickering and scandal and yet feel it has never been more important to have a trustworthy voice that backs radical, distinctive and genuine alternatives.

Pauls at the office ready for your calls and emails Even as a smaller party working within an unbalanced electoral system, we have begun to be elected and stand for values you probably share. Our elected MEP's and Local Councillors around the country are implementing policies that put the local economy, local services and the quality of the local environment first. Voting Green is a vote cast for a party you can truly trust.

Paul's Blog this page is to keep you in touch with the campaign and ensure you see my replies to issues you raise on the doorstep or via email. I'm looking forward to you sending me the issues you feel are most important in the Greenhead Ward and seeing what we can do togther to make Greenhead even better.

Sunday. 23rd July
All leaflets will have been delivered by the end of today. A great achievment, with nearly 8,000 doors in the Ward. If you have not received one call me or e-mail me and I'll make sure you get one before polling day next Thursday. Thanks for all your responses to myself and the Green Team on the streets and at your homes.

It's important that your pledges of support turn into votes cast in the ballot box (or posted). It's time to turn Greenhead Green together.

Wednesday, 19th July
The campaign trail continues with many of the leaflets now delivered and doorstep canvassing taking place. Last weekend, we were the hosts for the Annual Meeting of the Association of Green Councillors. We have elected Councillors from all over the country and it reflects well on the local Party that we were chosen as the venue. Their choice was pricncipally due to the many Green initiatives we led the Council to implement even as a small party. My thanks to quite a few of the delegates who came out and leafletted for me.

You will by now have noticed our latest influence, the wind turbines on the roof of the Civic Centre, on a recent poll conducted by Radio Huddersfield home 107.9fm nearly 90% of people who voted on-line said they like the new turbines and many people have voiced their support for them whilst we have been leafleting in the Greenhead ward. I hope that all we do in Green Team Kirklees to serve our community might be met with equal approval.

Day to day business even during a By-Election is still being dealt with and our monthly Green Party meeting on Tuesday involved us in a good discussion of the Local Development Framework, (LDF). LDF's provide an approved and publicly consulted upon policy framework regarding land use and development. The new frameworks or LDF's are expected by national Government to deliver a higher degree of sustainability than former planing documents, all LDF's must undergo a ‘Sustainability Appraisal’. On behalf of the community, the Kirklees Green Party have made manyproposed amendments which , if agreed, will benefit us all.

Wednesday 13th July 2006

This week I've mainly been meeting with local people either at their doors throughout the ward or at the shopping areas. Many have been keen to give me their views, not only on local issues, but also on politics in general.

It's worrying that people feel that national politicians, as far as the "big parties" are concerned, are not to be trusted. This general feeling damages the political process, and causes some to walk away and not participate. I do urge as many of you as possible to take part in this and future elections and reclaim democracy for the people.

I got a bit of light relief looking at my rival's local websites. Lib Dem's latest news is March 2006, and as for New Labour, there is little of consequence and what is there are crude attempts at childish humour.

Leafletting has begun! My team and I started delivering the leaflets in Paddock and we will soon get them to other parts of the Ward, over the next few days.

I've strong links with the Ukrainian community and watched the World Cup Final in the Kalyna Club in Edgerton. Most members there have Ukraine andItalian links and Italy got passionate support and all enjoyed celebrating the result.

So I guess on that note its 'arrivederci, ciao' or goodbye for now and see you soon.

Cllr. Graham Simpson and Paul CooneyPaul and Kirklees Green Party Business ManagerSunday 2nd July 2006: Sunday was a mixed day. I went to Berry Brow to see the new Station Shelter lobbied for, after the last one was completely destroyed by vandals, by the Kirklees Green Party Business Manager Ruth and local people with the support of Newsome Councillors Graham Simpson and Andrew Cooper.

It was great to see what a strong and vigilant Green presence can create for a community, nothing goes unnoticed and Green Team Members make sure that what can be done for people will be; its exactly what I want to do with and for the people of Greenhead.

Later along with other Green Party members, I attended the Town Hall event being held to celebrate Cllr Annie Smith's life. The turn out was excellent and many speakers talked in glowing terms about the impact of Annie on their lives and careers. She will be remembered as a committed and passionate local activist for our area.

Friday 30th June: Having logged the nomination papers into the electoral registration office in Holmfirth, my candidature is now officially accepted. The team has been very busy preparing and planning for all the activities we need to do during the campaign.

In the afternoon, along with other members of the Marsh Community Forum, I met with Marsh residents at Emily's Cafe to discuss what they felt they needed in a local community centre. All basically agreed that the centre is necessary but there was a lot of talk about where it could be. There are no local buildings available to be taken over so much work still needs to be done on the subject. Please let me know your views on this and any other issues you want to raise with me.

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If you'd like to read more about the achievements the Green Party has made since Green Councillors were first elected to represent people in Kirklees then please go to the Successes page by clicking here. Kirklees Green Party value the growing support we are receiving in Greenhead. Local councillors are your representatives, use them to ensure your views and voice make a positive difference in the communities you live in.

Polling day for the By-Election is July 27th 2006 and Polling Stations will be open between 7am and 10pm

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Making sure you can Vote in Greenhead

In order to vote if you live in the Greenhead Ward you will need to make sure you are registered; even if you get your council tax bills this doesn't always mean you have been registered with Electoral Services to vote. To check you are registered to vote contact Kirklees Electoral Services:Tel: 01484 222400 or by email: Or Click to download a PDF of the Electoral Registration Form from the Council's website.

Once registered you will be able to vote by post, or proxy (this is a special system which means you can get somebody else to vote for you), if you register to do so.

For a postal or Proxy vote you must have let Kirklees Electoral Services know you would like one by 12th July 2006 find out more by contacting Kirklees Electoral Services:Tel: 01484 222400 or by email: Papers for proxy and Postal voting will be issued 17th July 2006.

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