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Association of Green Councillors Annual Conference 14th -16th July 2006 - Huddersfield

Kirklees Green Party are proud to be hosting this years Association of Green Councillors Annual Conference in Huddersfield.

The venue, located in the Newsome Ward is at the heart of the Kirklees Green Party's principal Ward where it first won seats over a decade ago and has retained ever since. The Green Party Team in Kirklees are looking forward to sharing with delegates what a Green controlled ward can truly deliver for local people and their environment.

Taylor Hill College Conferencing facilities will be at the HuddersfieldTurbine at Taylor Hill College Technical College's School of Caring at Taylor Hill, the building, supported by its own wind turbine, solar wall, turf roof and sustainable urban drainage system, is highly suited to the occasion and offers just a glimpse of the technologies which literally make Kirklees the micro-generation capital of the UK.

Within easy walking distance of the venue attendees will see a unique area with 5% of the UK's total solar electricity capacity. This incorporates solar thermal and photovoltaics of several ages and styles applied to both public buildings and homes. Street lighting lovers and haters will be pleased to see that in Newsome even some of the lights are solar powered.

The Blue BellThe LockwoodJust opposite the venue is 'The Blue Bell', host of many Kirklees Green Party gatherings and a short walk across the Village Green brings you to 'The Lockwood'. Events already planned include a picnic/barbeque on the village green on the friday evening and musical entertainment from 'Dancing Fly' a local reggae band on the saturday evening.

The Village Green is available by prior arrangement for camping and sanitary facilities will be provided. The Green Party Team also have a number of volunteers who are happy to put people up at their homes.

During the daytime/evening the Green will be used to provide family friendly space and an ideal alternative to main conference sessions.

To book for this conference or to request a room to crash please contact Andrew Cooper



Kirklees Green Party
Tel: 01422 375363