Hammocks as big as French beds! To achieve perfect appearance and stability we use the finest hardwood from Brazil for the spreading bars. We have worked a solid centre into the hanging chords, so that despite rubbing on the (naturally deburring) eyelets, nothing can rip. Palacio is also woven using the complex Jacquard technique, finished by hand with macramé and an additional decorative hem (Brazilian: Veranda). All this comes in extremely strong 450g/m² cotton material.


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Jacquard technique

Hammock Technical Details

Lying Surface: approx. 250 x 160 cm
Total Length: approx. 370 cm

approx. 5 kg

Load Capacity:

ca. 160 kg

The hammock stand Arcus -
up to 200 kg load-bearing capacity.

Available in Larch or Mahogany


Stand Technical Details

Height x width: approx. 150 x 125 cm

Total length (adjustable):

approx. 300-400 cm
Weight: approx. 2 x 25 kg (larch)
approx. 2 x 28,5 kg (mahogany)
Load capacity: approx. 200 kg


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