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Specialist Industries include:

Slaughter, processing and distribution for the meat trade

Airline Parts


Sheet Metal

Fixings & Fastenings


Nuts & bolts

Success Stories

Anzco Foods

We contacted Granta when we first set up the business here in the UK.  We were looking for a fully integrated business system, but particularly something that would give us tight management of the operational side of our business.  Head Office is in New Zealand and so we were also interested in a good quality reporting system to meet the Group requirements.  Granta accurately assessed our business needs and built a system that has not only met our business management requirements but has also enabled us to contain the number of staff we need to run the business.  Over the ensuing 5 years, we have worked closely with Granta to further enhance the systems; their skill is in drilling into the real issues and tailoring their system to really enhance our business.  Most recently, we set up a branch office in Belgium, with Granta taking on the further variation and complications of business compliance in another country”. Chris Balaam Anzco Foods

In June 2002 after successfully obtaining product approval from Price Waterhouse Coopers, Optimum had its first international deployment in the United States of America.

The flexibility in the system allows for utilization as well as complying with America's financial stipulations. As an international company, the ability to use multi-currency is extremely important and is one of Optimum's strongest functions. The ability to add extra's to the system to help them in their business practices was also likely a key factor in Anzco Foods choosing Optimum.

"We have full confidence in Optimum's applications and believe it will meet our company's main system requirements for the foreseeable future. The quickness and ease of data input, without any need for duplication, is appreciated by our staff." Ross Cuthbert, Anzco Foods North America

Optimum had its first European deployment in Belgium in March 2003. The system had added extra's to support full traceability on orders including user interfaces to deal with vessels, containers, and pallets.

Alliance Distribution is a wholesale distributor of Video and PC games.  The company not only needed a system that was quick and versatile to use but one that was able to grow and expand along with the company.

“Previously all of my accounting was outsourced as I had neither the time nor expertise to do it myself. Factors that influenced my choice of accounting product initially were price, reliability and speed.  I also wanted to consider the personality of the people who would be providing the on-going support. Being able to relate to my staff has always been important to me, therefore I would expect a similar relationship with anyone that would be visiting or supporting my staff.

Granta installed Optimum with hardly any disruption to our business; our staff were trained in a matter of hours and actually requires very little support. We were very pleased with the suggestions made by Granta for features that we hadn’t even considered. Some of these features have saved us an enormous amount of time and were included in the original quote. The system is so easy and flexible to use it has exceeded our expectations completely. Now I know that I have my finger on the pulse of my business, guesswork has been eliminated and profits are up.
Andy Hudson Alliance Distribution


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