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Granta Computing have announced that their new version of Optimum Accountancy is available and packed with contemporary additions including the ability to send all printable documentation to PDF.




At Granta we have a range of standard and bespoke products available to suite a vast range of industry sectors. All our products are developed using the latest 32 bit technology which provide consistent appearance with modern graphical interfaces and compatibility with current operating systems and features. Quite uniquely we have the technology to develop products for Windows, Linux or Apple Macintosh and even have solutions running in a mix of these environments simultaneously.

Our standard solutions include our highly successful accounting and distribution package ‘Optimum’ and ‘Optimum LE’. The core financials of this product have also been used as the basis of our ‘Optimum Bespoke’ range of solutions. As software developers in addition to solutions based around ‘Optimum’ we have also provided clients with systems to suit particular business logic or problems.

We can either work to functional specifications or provide products on an ad-hoc basis leaving the flexibility of development methodology as a choice to the customer. Due to the robust nature of today’s development tools it is also generally possible to add features, reports or data handling windows to existing third party software, hence providing extra value from existing systems.


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