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Optimum Accounting Software

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Latest News

Granta Computing have announced that their new version of Optimum Accountancy is available and packed with contemporary additions including the ability to send all printable documentation to PDF.



Optimum Screenshots

Optimum is based on good navigation and neat layout enabling the user to easily use the system. Below are just a few screen shots of Optimum which should give you a reasonable understanding of the unique layout. For an even better understanding visit the Info Request page and view an online demonstration.

Click to enlarge image & maximise browser for better clarification.

Customer Record

The main customer window allows you to see both static details about the customer as well as a real-time financial snapshot. From here you also have the ability to do many other tasks relating to the customer from the options menu.


Finding a Purchase Order

From the Purchase Order window you can find an order by clicking on the binoculars. This brings up the Find window where you can find a PO based on various criteria.


Purchase Orders Menu
All the menus are in a clear logical order. In this example starting with the first stage (Order Entry) through to Invoicing and reports




Sales Invoice
The invoice window continues in Optimum's way of keeping things clear, concise and laid out in an understandable way.




User Preferences
Optimum is extremely flexible without being too complex and as well as having a global system setup window you can customise at a user level to suit the users best working practices.



Users & Module Access
Users can be quickly and easily setup and given the necessary privileges. From the options menu you can also set the module access for the user.





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