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Optimum Bespoke Software

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Ability to grow and change direction along with your company

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Optimum Bespoke

Based upon the core of ‘Optimum’ this gives us a platform to develop unique business systems and solutions, whilst guaranteeing a solid proven foundation.

Over the years we have developed a whole host of applications suited to end user requirements. Application examples include CRM, Mailing databases, Insurance documentation, Import & Export modules, MRP and Aerospace systems to name a few.

Quite simply we thrive where a particular business or trading logic means a standard solution can not be used. We have experienced staff with expertise in a variety of industries to ensure that you get a system to meet your exact requirements.

We offer either a fixed price system so clients are comfortable with their outlay before work commences or alternately we can charge per hour which suits more ad hoc requirements.

Bespoke development is not the expensive ‘Tailor made’ perception that many people believe it is. With the openness and flexibility of today’s development tools many systems can interoperate with seamless transparency. A bespoke solution can be as simple as providing more informative reporting or as complex as a complete integrated company solution. Whatever your requirements you can be assured Granta have the knowledge and capability to deliver the correct solution.


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