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Granta are happy to quote free of charge* for any development work on new or existing systems.

*Subject to distance and/or existing methods of communication.



As experienced developers we have provided solutions to many companies that are of invaluable benefit, reducing administrative time and cost. 

The problem could arise due to a change in trading contracts or information requested from either a holding company of valued customer. Whatever the size or scale of the request you can be assured Granta can provide a solution.

Over the years we have developed a whole host of applications suited to end user requirements. Application examples include communications software for extracting data from shop floor scales, secure FTP to either drop or collect information, Offsite scheduled backups to remote locations, data retrieval from a variety of sources, front ends to standard systems and systems for other operating platforms  i.e. Apple Macintosh or Linux.

Bespoke development could be as simple as providing an Excel template or an application geared to a particular task.

When there seems no possible solution we quite often surprise customers with a cost effective one. Of course as we act as consultants you can rest assured that we will provide an unbiased solution before we commence any project, after all we do not try to recreate a solution if a third party has a more viable cost effective offering.


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