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Pre-Paid Support Units are a huge hit with Granta's existing customer base.

Now every company whatever the size can take advantage of discounts for support paid for in advance.

Don't want to pay up front for services that you may not never need? No problem  'pay as you go units' are available to new and small business's where cash flow is paramount.


Support & Maintenance

Granta have recently adopted a new unit based charging system, this will apply to the majority of services we provide unless noted. (Separate support contracts are available with all Optimum sales).

A single support unit provides 15 minutes of time with a minimum of 1 unit always applying for each call logged. A support call does not have to be a single incident, for example two short requests are logged as a single call providing both of these are resolved within 15 minutes (a unit) then only one unit will be charged e.g minimum charge.

We are offering 10,50 or 100 unit support packs with an incentive of a lower price for larger packs. The support packs do not have an expiry date and can therefore be carried forward from year to year; this also offers protection against future price increases. Any support request will be recorded and logged, and for each support call we will deduct the relevant number of units to resolve the issue or charge 'pay as you go' style for customers not pre-purchasing units.

Unit costs are as follows:

    Price per unit
1 unit pay as you go 18.75 18.75
10 Units (2.5 Hours) pre-pay 162.50 16.25
50 Units (12.5 Hours) pre-pay 687.50 13.75
100 Units (25 Hours) pre-pay 1250.00 12.50

All prices exclude VAT

For more details contact our support department through any of the routes indicated on our contacts page here

Telephone and Computer Cabling
We pass on the cost of materials and any hire equipment needed to carry out the installation with labour charged at the rates quoted below in 'Site visits'.

Site Visits
We are more than happy to attend site when the need arises. Our standard call out rate is 125 which includes the first hour of support. Thereafter a charge of 75 per hour or part hour will apply. In addition we will also charge a mileage rate of 75p per mile. Onsite sales meetings or tenders for business that are pre-arranged will be negotiated prior to the visit.

Free Trial
Are you a business that has never used Granta before? Are you sceptical about our expertise? Have no fear, we are so confident of our knowledge and service levels that we are are prepared to offer you one 15 minute support unit for FREE.

Contact us today and claim your free trial support unit.

Please note that this offer is available for business users only and can only be used on one occasion.


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