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Unlike other publishers, we know that aviation does not start and finish in East Anglia! We have long been aware that there is a tremendous interest in airfield histories all around the British Isles - to cater for this we commenced on a project of publishing a booklet for each and every airfield, airport, landing ground and flying boat base in the United Kingdom.

The series - a new edition is published every eight weeks - is called AIRFIELD FOCUS and each has an author who has an interest in a specific airfield. Each title stands in its own right, but the series can be collected to form what will become an invaluable reference library. Within the standard ' Airfield Foci', early editions have at least 24 pages, about 10,000 words, around 20 photographs - many never having appeared in print before - at least one map and a 'Datafile' that describes all known units, including their codes, that used a particular airfield. Later editions contain up to 60 pages, over 50 photos and in some cases at least four maps!

Already the series are being regarded as worthy of collection - the interest coming from readers investigating local, county and regional history, as well as from aviation enthusiasts, so the market is as widespread as the locations of the airfields! Since AIRFIELD FOCUS was first published the series has evolved beyond being just aviation history into local history and social history documents, thus reaching a much wider audience and have taken on a greater importance. Until 2002 and Edition 55, it was edited by John F Hamlin, then it was edited by Chris Dean until the editorship passed into the capable hands of Simon Peters.

In response to reader demand, further evolution has created what is called the 'AIRFIELD FOCUS SPECIAL', a larger, A4 sized wire-bound edition for airfield with particularly long histories not capable of fitting into the standard sized book.

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