I've had lots of comments regarding the information below, some to the effect that I have the gearbox ID types incorrect. Well I've consulted Ford specialists and gearbox specialists and they all agree. Some people refer to a box as a 'such and such' and another person describes it as something else. Either way I've included photos where possible to aid ID of a particular box.
If anyone has any pictures of a box I haven't included please let me know.(I have MT75 but haven't updated yet) Likewise any propshaft spline info.

Rear wheel drive Mk2 Escort 4 speed & and the 5 speed gearbox size differences.

The 4 (top) and 5 (bottom) speed gearboxes side by side for size comparison.
The 4 speed is from a 1600 crossflow. The 5 speed is type 'N' or '9'.


Distance from front of bellhousing in inches

4 Speed 'N' 5 Speed

Overall Length

27 30

Speedo output

15 24

Centre of lever opening

25 28

Underside mounting point

17 21


52 lbs 86 lbs

Gear Ratios

4 Speed 5 Speed


3.656 : 1 3.656 : 1


2.185 : 1 1.97 : 1


1.425 : 1 1.37 : 1


1.000 : 1 1.000 : 1


N/a 0.820 : 1

The measurements/differences that really matter for fitment to a Locost are:-

The 5 speed mainshaft output is larger diameter with a different number of splines. Also required on the input side is the 190mm clutch friction plate from the Sierra to match for the Crossflow. There are two types known as Type N and Type 9 with differing input shaft lengths. The 'N' has a 6.9 inch length shaft and the '9' a 8.1 inch shaft. To fit the '9' to a Xflow requires a 1 inch spacer plate to be fitted between bellhousing and engine. This box is usually fitted to the Ford V6 engined cars.

A rubber doughnut and collar is normally fitted to the Sierra box output, this should not be used in the Locost as the angular movement using the live axle is too great which results in the rubber disintegrating. The output needs a different splined universal joint for the end of the propshaft. A Transit coupling will fit, as will I 've been told, a Sherpa van prop end.

The 5 speed uses a 3 bolt pre-engaged starter whereas the crossflow generally uses a 2 bolt inertia type starter.

The speedo cable distance - When fitted in a Locost chassis it's further down the tunnel in the narrower point and is harder to fit a cable to, unless a right angle drive adaptor is used.

Centre of lever opening. The 5 speed lever will be close to the cross rail at front of tunnel, easier to operate without remote though, just angle lever slightly.

Weight ! The 5 speed is considerably heavier! 5th Gear is an overdrive, do you need to do long journeys or is performance your goal?

There is also a hybrid 4 speed gearbox known as type C or 'single rail' fitted to early Sierras and fitted to the Mk3 Capri with Pinto engine. The ratios are better spaced than the Escort 4 speed and the box is capable of taking more engine bhp. This box looks like the Escort box but longer and is distinguished by the 'bolt on' bellhousing as opposed to cast one piece. The gearlever is screw in as per 4 speed and the gearlever position is further back than most of the others.
Unfortunately the mainshaft output is an oddball size/spline and is the same as the Mk3 Capri propshaft or 2000E box thus again necessitating a different propshaft front U/J compared to the Escort or Sierra.

Also sometimes available are the following 4 speed gearboxes.
The GT/Sport version, the 2000E box, the RS2000 box and better still the 2000E 'Rocket' box. The 2000E box has a steel bellhousing that is designed for a hydraulic slave cylinder and right of engine starter mounting. If you wish to use a cable clutch with this box then the RS2000 bellhousing is alloy with a cable clutch and the starter on left of engine, it's also a direct bolt fit. Bear in mind that the output splines for the propshaft are different to the normal Escort Saloon, so it's worth getting the RS2000 propshaft to modify for the Locost.
2000E Box
2000E, Mexico Gearbox, Lotus Cortina. 3 Rail remote change.

GT/Sport Gearbox 2000E Gearbox RS2000 Gearbox 'Rocket' Gearbox
1st 3.337 2.972:1 3.65:1 2.54:1
2nd 1.995:1 1.97:1 1.97:1 1.66:1
3rd 1.418:1 1.4:1 1.37:1 1.255:1
4th 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1

T5 Gearbox
Ford T5 Gearbox as fitted to Sierra Cosworth originally a US Mustang gearbox.

Downloadable spreadsheet gear ratio/speed in gear calculator.
Fill in the details of your gearbox and final drive ratios to get a chart of speed in each gear plus theoretical maximum speed. This allows you to check the effect of any changes you may wish to make.
Excel 2000 format
Excel 2.1 format.
Lotus 123 format.



T50 prior to cleaning

The Toyota T50 gearbox can be fitted to the 4AGE engine.

T50 Ratios 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
3.587 2.022:1 1.384:1 1:1 0.0861